Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer
If Walls Could Talk

May 3 – June 3, 2007

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, May 3, 2007

Enter Punch Gallery this month and look down. Traffic, an interactive floor piece, lies underfoot. Deep wear marks suggest a pattern of untidy living and the act of backing oneself into a corner. Traffic is one of several pieces canvassing the gallery in May where the artist Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer investigates routines and histories of human habitation through her installations of domestic fragments and hand-printed wallpaper designs.

Schmidt Dotzauer’s domestic installations explore the connection between a physical space and one’s internal dialog. Schmidt Dotzauer, wallpaper’s decorative balance of color and design becomes a backdrop for her characteristically ironic and cheeky commentary on human activity. Using subtle and subversive pictographic narratives, she laces old adages into these flocked and fancy wallpaper patterns. If Walls Could Talk further explores relationships between people and their dwelling spaces by appropriating both deliberate and incidental patterns of daily living such as catalog designs, coffee stains, and chairs rubbing against surfaces. By doing so, Schmidt Dotzauer feels her works become imagined vestiges that can conger nostalgic feelings, charged memories and latent desires.

Schmidt Dotzauer worked for a salvage company before embarking on a quest for higher learning. She received her MFA at California College of the Arts and moved to Thorp, Washington where she and her husband are currently restoring a historic building. Schmidt Dotzauer was a 2006 Artist Trust GAP award recipient and her work was included in Softly Threatening: Artwork of the Modern Domestic at Bumbershoot 2006.

Hours: Noon-5pm Friday-Sunday, or by appointment.

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Wine ‘em, Dine ‘em… (detail). 2007, Hand-printed
wallpaper w/ flocking on found wood, 18"x20"