Joanna Thomas
A Hundred Horses in a Landscape
& Other Collages

October 4– 28, 2007

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, October 4, 2007

Artist will be in attendance the first and final Saturdays of the month.

Collage artist Joanna Thomas has long been obsessed with the feminist question, “Why have there been no great women artists?” In this recent body of work, Thomas continues her investigation into the why and wherefore of cherished artwork created by “masters,” and focuses her attention on the landscape paintings of the Chinese literati from centuries past.

The Chinese tradition of literati painting began about the 10th Century and continued for some 1000 years, producing works of art by wealthy gentlemen scholars who combined the talents of painting, poetry, and calligraphy to express the Confucian ideals of the junzi (noble person). Believing that their ethereal landscape paintings revealed inner moral qualities of the self, they created scenes of peace and tranquility, depicting man in complete harmony with nature. During this same time period, the mothers, wives, and daughters of these culturally elite gentlemen perpetuated the custom of foot binding, rendering themselves rather useless, able to walk only short distances, all in the name of beauty.

Thomas, released from the pointy-toed, spike-heeled shoes she wore as a cocktail waitress, finds satisfaction in adding collage elements to the meticulous brushstrokes of gentlemen scholars, and, not unlike a graffiti artist, seeks to both embellish and deface. She is currently an undergraduate at Central Washington University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities, with a minor in Women’s Studies, and is fast approaching her sixtieth birthday.

Hours: Noon-5pm Friday-Sunday,
or by appointment.

Next Exhibition:

Vertical Hold
(more info to come)


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