Ries Niemi
My Phone Tells Me to Do Bad Things

January 3 – February 3, 2008

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, January 3, 2008

Artist will be in attendance the first and final Saturdays of the month.

Using his ironic brand of dark humor, Ries Niemi presents a vision of cell phones as a life form, manipulating humanity for their own purposes. Niemi claims to have purchased, sight unseen, this collection of objects from a mini-storage auction. Vamping on the familiar themes of conspiracy theory and paranoia, Niemi examines just how exactly that cell phone got into his pocket, and who is really in charge.

Inspired by the Classics (in this case an equal measure of Andy Warhol and the Beastie Boys) Niemi cuts and pastes pop culture in a variety of mediums, including: digital imaging, embroidery, wood, paper, textiles and metal. In his installation, pages from old books, fossils, textiles, metallic objects, even furniture and clothing document the surprising centuries long attempts by cell phones to take over the world.

Ries loves his phone. Ries hates his phone.

Working in a broad range of media, Niemi has shown widely around the country, and works extensively in public art, including a new piece on Pine Street adjacent to the Paramount Theater, "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.”

The critics are raving about Niemi:

”Niemi makes art about technology which is the result of elaborate technological processes.” –Matthew Kangas

“Ignorant Idiot” –Unregistered User #76582

“fetish penis art... a satire of patriarchy? or ... a celebration of male hubris?” –Jae Carlsson

“Bad Ideas, Bad Imagination, and Bad Motives. This is Bad, and that is that.” –Charles Mudede

“Dad is a Fool.” –Torque Niemi

“Lounge Lizard gone Country Boy…”
–Regina Hackett

“You’re not that funny.” –Sheila Klein

Hours: Noon-5pm Friday-Sunday,
or by appointment.

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