Howard Barlow
Safe and Sound

March 6 – 30, 2008

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, March 6, 2008

Artist will be in attendance the first and final Saturdays of the month.

Howard Barlow’s new body of work, Safe and Sound, is cold and unfriendly yet formal and safely non-objective with evidence of an obviously dangerous past. Borrowing from a hospital aesthetic, Barlow aims to bridge the gap between conceptions of stability and volatility. Utilizing institutional powder-coat colors, gun-barrel patina finishes, recycled bullet-lead solder, reconstructed broken window panes, wool yarn, abused steel, and actions such as knitting, hacking, shooting, shattering, and leading glass, this body of work explores the symbiotic relationships of danger and safety, vulnerability and protection.

This exhibition includes Seven Pains Mended, a series of windowpanes broken out of Barlow’s own home. By means of melting down spent bullet lead in combination with solder, each pane has been reconstructed and placed in a bullet-riddled steel frame. Other works, such as Big Guns Make Good Neighbors and The Weather Outside is Frightful, consist of steel panels that have been shot and/or hacked by hatchet or splitting maul and linked together, lovingly, one to the next, with hand-knit limbs. Notions of an armed population creating stability and stereotypes of maternal versus paternal protective instincts are explored in these works.

Howard Barlow lives east of the Cascades in the small rural town of Thorp where he has converted an old firehouse into a live/work space. He currently instructs art at both Columbia Basin College and at Central Washington University.

Hours: Noon-5pm Friday-Sunday,
or by appointment.

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Safe and Sound (detail), hatchet marked steel,
powder coat finish
, 2008

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