Renee Adams, Ariana Boussard-Reifel,
Shannon Conroy, Misako Inaoka,
Kristina Lewis, Amber Stucke

Curated by Renee Adams

May 1 – June 1, 2008

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, May 1, 2008

Homegrown is a gathering of biologically rooted works by Renee Adams (Thorp, WA),
Ariana Boussard-Reifel (New York, NY), Shannon Conroy (Seattle, WA), Misako Inaoka (San Francisco, CA), Kristina Lewis (San Francisco, CA), and Amber Stucke (Berkeley, CA). Extracting and manipulating elements of nature, combining organic with synthetic, each artist creates a distinctive, artificial reality. The unclassifiable subjects within these drawings, sculptures, and mixed media installations spread and creep into the microcosm of the gallery space, inviting interaction and blurring the artificial with the actual.

Renee Adams creates delicately detailed works out of wood and polymer clay. Her imagined organisms convey the typical human traits of vanity and vulnerability coupled with the inherited qualities of illness and virility. Her works become vacuous reflections of humanity, at once enticing and offensive.

Focusing on accumulation and discard, the sculptural work of Ariana Boussard-Reifel alludes to the body as a vessel for both tangible and intangible elements. Using core materials that are fragile and environmentally responsive, her forms have a sense of defeat, executed through carved space and impermanent materials, suggesting the temporality of existence.

Shannon Conroy's delicate, embroidered knots on paper are slowly layered to create dense clusters. Referencing the process of organic growth through the accumulation of texture and pattern, her works reflect a history, an arrangement of growth and decomposition that serves as a marker of time.

Interested in the boundary between what we call natural and artificial, Misako Inaoka observes our physical and social environment in detail to find hidden beauty and peculiarity-things such as a cell phone antenna in the shape of a pine tree, birds that are not native to the area, or moss growing in a crack of cement sidewalk. Emphasizing these subtle details and exaggerating their illogicality, she cultivates her own version of invented creatures and forces the viewer to take a harder look at their surroundings.

Kristina Lewis' work originates from an interest in the relationship that people have to basic, utilitarian objects. Wielded by hands in daily tasks, these objects become mere extensions of human bodies, completely in the service of human desires. In order to explore the possibility of these objects having their own lives, her first operation is always to make them useless, destroying their original function. With the resulting components, she begins rebuilding, imagining that her materials have their own bodies and are intent upon reorganizing in order to extend or advance themselves, free of human controls.

Drawing upon conscious and unconscious relationships, Amber Stucke invents a new language through metaphor using biological forms, human anatomy and technology to communicate a fantastical interconnection to everything around us. Through unemotional drawings, her intention is to create an invented, logical space and to open a socio-psychological dialogue with the viewer, exploring the idea of human beings’ relationship to everything and nothing at all.


May Hours: Noon-5pm Friday-Sunday,
or by appointment.

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