Grätüitöüs Umläüt
Curated by Jacob and Justin Gibbens

May 7 - 30, 2009

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dawn Cerny - Seattle, WA
Boo Davis - Seattle, WA
Garek Druss - Seattle, WA
Jeremy Dyer - Brooklyn, NY
Louis C. Fir - The Depths of Hell
Michael Krueger - Lawrence, KS
Jason Lahr - South Bend, IN
Erich Neitzke - Murphysboro, IL
David Poolman - Toronto, Ont.
Matt Pulford - Davenport, IA
Josh Reiman - Syracuse, NY
Herr Schobel - Berlin, Germany
Steve Seeley - Chicago, Il
Justin Taylor - Lehi, UT

This May, PUNCH presents its most brutal show to date. Raise your fists and shout at the devil, as brothers Justin and Jacob Gibbens have amassed a visual onslaught of righteous work by artists who reverently and joyfully tip their hats and bang their heads to an often marginalized and misunderstood subculture: the culture of Heavy Metal. Culled from around the globe, these artists utilize the iconic and bountiful visual language of all genres of heavy rock music in wondrous and oh so clever ways. Prepare to have your ass kicked and your spandex split, because we're turning the knob to eleven on this one.

Jacob and Justin, spawn of two loving and nurturing parents (Lois and Merle Gibbens), were reared in a healthy, supportive environment, grew up as typical honor roll kids, and can both more or less function normally and productively in society. Yet, since their youth, they've been self-described metal heads. Jacob's all-time favorite band is AC/DC. If Justin were honest, he'd tell you that Metallica is his, fully realizing the shame and regret that holding this opinion elicits.

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Hours: Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat,
or by appointment.

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Renee Adams & Amber Stucke
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Steve Seeley, Danzig Deer,
(detail) acrylic on paper, 2007

Justin Taylor, Angus,
(detail) oil on panel, 2005

Marcel Schobel, Samson,
(detail) video still, 2009