Renee Adams & Amber Stucke

June 4 - 27, 2009

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obtaining inspiration from science, anatomy and the manmade world, the works of Renee Adams and Amber Stucke depict an alternate universe, existing somewhere between reality and fiction. The two-person exhibition, In-Between, establishes an uncanny dialogue between Stucke's painted biological entities and Adams' sculpted hybrid species. Both artists fuse the natural with the artificial resulting in a sometimes familiar, sometimes discomforting in-between state. Though similarities in form can be made, each artist's work explores a very different set of ideas.

Amber Stucke's newest series of works investigates metaphorically the "in-between" state a person has during an epileptic seizure. This state refers to the loss of consciousness during a tonic-clonic seizure. She has become most aware of this type of seizure from eight years of living with her partner who has epilepsy. Her personal connection in this series is only a starting point to a broader dialogue that she engages in her work. Amber lives and creates her art in Berkeley, CA and will be an MFA candidate at California College of the Arts this fall. Her works can be viewed at

Fusing plant and animal forms, Renee Adams' work represents the array of mutations we create in nature and ourselves as we, sometimes unknowingly, manipulate the natural world for our own gains. These imaginary hybrid species are delicate, alluring, and sometimes awkward or disturbing. She is interested in blurring lines between reality and fiction, creating the indefinable, and manipulating the senses; leaving the viewer without a point of reference. Renee lives and creates her art in Thorp, WA. She is the Arts Programmer at Gallery One Visual Arts Center. Her works can be viewed at

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Hours: Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat,
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Renee Adams
Crowned Polylyp
, 2008, polymer clay, wood,
flocking, mixed media, 12"x5"x5"

Amber Stucke
(Detail) Investigation No. 2 with Bolt
(In Betweeen - Seizure Series)
, 2008,
gouache on paper, 23"x23"