Fullness Passing
Patricia Hagen

August 6 - 29, 2009

Opening Reception: 5-8pm
First Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artist will be in attendance the first and last weekend of the exhibition.

PUNCH presents Fullness Passing, new paintings and sculpture by Patricia Hagen. In these works, Hagen continues her investigation into the representation of interdependent organic systems. Originally inspired by looking at electron-microscope images of different viruses, bacteria, and cells, the paintings and sculpture have now taken on their own abstract form. Her intent is that these abstractions render the essence of organic life forms and their struggle to survive.

Hagen's work has been described as clusters of multi-colored oddly shaped life forms that huddle together as strange organic conglomerations. Her conflated assemblages seem alive and in various stages of decay at the same time; they seem simultaneously comfortable and sinister, they are at once natural and foreign. It is this tension, where the opposites exist together at the same point and time, that reveals the elemental nature of the forms.

Patricia Hagen received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 1994. She has since shown her work around the country. She was recently chosen by Alma Ruiz, curator from LA MOCA to be included in the West Coast Edition of New American Painting.


Hours: Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat,
or by appointment.

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Droop, 2009, oil on acrylic, 32”x33”

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