Orange Crush
PUNCH artists explore the most
awesome color in the world.

August 5 - 28, 2010

Opening Reception: 5 - 8pm
First Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Okay, I'm thinking of something orange.
Something ooooooraaaange ... Do you give up?
It's an orange!" – Stanley Spadowski, "UHF"

A few months ago, when PUNCH was looking at its upcoming exhibition calendar, it appeared
that we had an opening in our schedule for August. What to do, what to do ... We Thought we
could turn the gallery into a honky tonk bar. Um yeah, been done. Or perhaps, we could 'go
dark' for the month. Our treasurer nixed that one. Well, after a rousing and productive
brainstorm session, we decided to host a group exhibition open to current and former PUNCH
members. Since our inception way back in 2006, twenty-one separate artists have been
PUNCH members. And what better way to celebrate this talent than by way of a group show?

We decided to thread everyone's work together with a color-focused theme, and for some
reason, we kept gravitating to the color orange. Maybe it's a tip of the hat to the PUNCH Gallery
branding? Maybe PUNCH member, Justin Gibbens is geeking-out over his new juicer? Maybe we are all thinking of more of Sol Hashemi and Jason Hirata's hidden snacks?

Ultimately, we will create a visual dialogue between our diverse and complementary
sensibilities, and introduce new members as well as reconnect with old ones in the process.

Hours: Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat,
or by appointment.

Next Exhibition:

Patricia Hagen
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