Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer

June 7 - 30, 2012

Opening Reception: 5 - 8pm
First Thursday, June 7, 2012

Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer explores the juncture of idyllic country living and the not so idyllic reality of home repair, financial instability, family dynamics and the romance of the West. Still in love, she ponders the significance of her efforts against the reality of no other choice. In building upon her previous installation projects, this exhibition further picks apart the reality of living a creative life in a small, central Washington town. And she asks herself, "Do I choose to live in run down storefronts or is this all I can afford?"

Schmidt Dotzauer's work uses the format of repeat pattern as a mechanism and metaphor to disperse tension or misperceived notions of homestead living. In as much as a pattern can bring order and symmetry to a home it can be void of creativity. Repeated conversations and slogans are juxtaposed with unfinished structures and romanticized country vignettes. Dotzauer is searching for that sweet spot between rustic-chic and rusted-cheap.

Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer worked for a salvage company before embarking on a quest for higher learning. She received her MFA at California College of the Arts and moved to Thorp, Washington where she and her husband are currently restoring a historic building. Schmidt Dotzauer teaches at Central Washington University, and Yakima Community College. When not preventing her one-year-old from destroying her studio, she is setting plans to open a bakery in her tiny town of Thorp, Washington.

Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat, or by appointment.

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Natalie Schmidt Dotzauer
"I keep telling myself..."
Screen print on dishtowels, 2012

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