Scissor Lift
Curtis Erlinger

August 2 - September 1, 2012

Opening Reception: 5 - 8pm
First Thursday, August 2, 2012

“ had to expect very little – almost nothing – from life, …one had to be grateful, not always trying to seize the days like some maniac of living, but to give oneself up, be seized by the days, the months and years, be taken up in the froth of sun and moon, some pale and smoothie-ed river-cloud of life, a long, drawn-out, gray sort of enlightenment, so that when it was time to die, one did not scream swear words and knock things down, did not make a scene, but went easily with understanding and tact, and quietly, in a lightly pummeled way, having been consoled – having allowed to be consoled – by the soft, generous, worthlessness of it all, having allowed to be massaged by the daily beating of life, instead of just beaten.” – Tao Lin, Bed

Scissor Lift is a collection of mixed media works by Curtis Erlinger (Seattle). Employing a spectacle of images from prior sources – sliced film reel fragments, discarded negatives, retrieved Xeroxes – Erlinger resurrects the forgotten dead through a process of translation, however impossible the attempt may be. Developed in the darkroom, once captured images were re-exposed and printed again, copies made from copies, released to a new reality, sometimes transferred onto Styrofoam substrate to soften their second reception. Nonetheless, these translated images often reveal the futility of their revival – surrendering instead to a quiet and acceptable death. Erlinger's overall project commemorates the elusive moment by highlighting the inability of doing so.

Born in 1975 in St. Louis, Erlinger received his MFA in Visual Art from the University of Missouri. He is currently a Visual Arts Instructor at the Northwest School in Seattle, Washington.

Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat, or by appointment.

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New News
spray-paint on resin-coated photograph
8” x 10”, 2012

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