Are we not drawn
onward to new erA

Renee Adams and Justin Gibbens

April 4 - 27, 2013

Opening Reception: 5 - 8pm
First Thursday, April 4, 2013

On the 15th of September 1835, the HMS Beagle arrived at the Galapagos Islands. The young naturalist Charles Darwin was aboard this ship, and this fateful visit would help him in formulating his theory of evolution by way of natural selection, which in turn, has shaped the fundamental understanding of biological diversity as we know it. On the 8th of July 2010, the Floreana arrived on those very same islands. Justin Gibbens and Renee Adams were aboard this tourist yacht. And just as the budding naturalist must have been 175 years earlier, Gibbens and Adams were floored! But rather than channeling this into any scientific inquiry or positing any new dissertations or treatises regarding evolution, adaptation, speciation and biodiversity, the two have retreated to their studio to let these themes stew and percolate...

Using his signature brand of subversive natural history illustration, Gibbens has delved into the realm of the aquatic. He's been thinking a lot about Cetacean morphology, visual palindromes, Captain Ahab and the by-gone era of whaling. And he's enjoying a refreshing respite from painting feather detail.

In an exciting last minute bait-and-switch, Adams has abandoned an intensive crash course in kinetic sculpting and has taken up painting with egg tempera instead! And her skills are making Gibbens a little nervous. With the precision and intimacy that rivals any Persian miniature, Adams paints unknown and forgotten mythologies for this archipelago in the Pacific. In another series of works, she reconciles over-consumption and waste and with nature's clever way of colonizing and repurposing.

Renee Adams and Justin Gibbens live a simple life in the bucolic town of Thorp. When not making art and being crafty, their time is spent outside tending to their garden, roaming the hills with their coonhound, and cursing the Ellensburg wind.

Creation of Renee Adams' work was made in part by the Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) Program.


watercolor, gouache, ink, 26"x 37.5"

Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat,
or by appointment.

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