Urban Legend
Justin Lee Martin

June 6 - 29, 2013

Opening Reception: 5 - 8pm
First Thursday, June 6, 2013

“Any transformation, no matter how promising, contains the threat of destroying its desiring subject in the magnitude of fulfillment.”
– David Antin

In Urban Legend, Justin Lee Martin creates videos, vocal scores and psycho-geographic drawings based on his explorations of urban wandering. Martin questions how we experience constructed space through individual or collective memory. Underlying themes in his current work include myth, desire, and the threat of change, or even more frightening, the memory of change. Reminiscent of Dada sound poetry, Martin’s vocal scores are an attempt to map a relationship between public and private spaces. His drawings, in the form of historical plaques, are created with the intention to map a psychological landscape of the city and its effect or rather affect on the self. In the video The Fall, Martin uses the city to create a fictional narrative in an attempt to capture real moments that might resonate with our collective imagination. Martin’s current quest for satisfaction in an urban metropolis summons his tradition of lucid and pastoral Western wanderings. The shift itself might be most evident in his cache of these exercises.

Martin was raised in Montana where he received his BFA from the University of Montana and in 2011 completed his MFA from The University of South Florida, Tampa. He currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.



The Fall
still from digital video

Noon-5pm Thurs-Sat,
or by appointment.

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