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Born in 1977, Dylan Neuwirth lives and works in Seattle, WA.


I watched Up in Smoke in jail.
– Dylan Neuwirth (2011)

I want my life to be imbedded in my work, crushed into my paintings like a pressed car. If it’s not, my work is just some stuff. When I’m away from it, I’m crippled. Without my relationship to what may seem like these inanimate objects, I am just an indulgent misfit. If the spirit of being isn’t just present in the face of this work, it should be destroyed because it’s meaningless. I am not making some things. I am making a synonym for the truth with all its falsehoods, oblique as it is. I am making icons that present life in terms of our death. A bouquet of mistakes.
– Julian Schnabel (1978)

All efforts to encourage understanding of new music, even in my own words, are somehow at odds with it, as if we were committing an offense against its own intention, as if with our explanations we were removing the fangs that are essential to it. Nevertheless, it wants to reach people. For even in its most inaccessible form, it is a social entity and is threatened with irrelevance as soon as that thread to the listener is broken off.
– Theodor Adorno (1966)

The better you look, the more you see.
– Bret Easton Ellis (1998)